Help about CAF coding

I started coding a bit of life support today, but noticed HUGE diffirences between simple and CAF’d addons. Anyone know a (basic) tutorial to make my script use CAF? Or at least someone who has experience could say something :smiley:

The hell is CAF, the only relevant thing that seems to match it is “Constant applicative form”, but it looks weird as fuck (at least the definition of it), and it seems to be some weird functional programming shit that either no one uses, or that everyone uses without knowing it.

Custom Addon Framework I think. I don’t think it amounted to much.



It be fair: not that the addon didn’t amount to much… but it didn’t really take off

So, any advice? Or should I just trial&error?


Damn, ninja’d.


Yeah I guess I should just stick with the regular ls stuff… But I STILL don’t want to trial&error… Maybe you know a tutorial or something?

Note: In case you want to know, I’m trying to re-create BIC for LS3.


Ow… BEC I mean.

You should probably go ask on their official forums.

Okay… The only problem is that I don’t go there often.

I remember hearing about CAF’s release way back when, but personally don’t think it took off because it was something developers would have to more or less learn, I really can’t say anything about my own addon library right now because apparently it doesn’t work for some people (seriously don’t get this part).

[lua]addon.AddFeature( “Your addon name”, “Feature name” ) --Feature would only be added if it had not been detected previously (allows for disabling within something such as a menu)
if ( !addon.IsEnabled( “Your addon name”, “Feature name” ) ) then
return --Halts running the rest of the script if the feature was detected as disabled

Personally, something as simple as this seems much easier to implement, and literally only takes a copy-paste, and two values worth of typing to do it.

Yup… So I guess trial&error.