Help?!About Garry's

Guys, I entered the GARRYSMOD.ORG,
I try to download the NPC Scene 1.2 and asks to log on to steam!
But whenever I try, appears an error message saying that I do not have Garry’s mod?!
When my friend and I exchanged computer already came with the steam
But I do not have a steam account, he gave it to me (ASVCorp2012)
But I do not have money to buy hl2, cs: s, hl2: deathmacht and Garrys mod
I want to download more in addons garrysmod org

What do I do ?!?!?!?!

Sorry for bad English
Translated by Google Translate

I’m Brazilian: D

Buy garrysmod


It already came with Steam, but you don’t have a Steam account? It’s very confusing, are you implying you pirated GMod?

No I changed my pc
I took my friend’s computer and it took my computer
The computer already had the Garrys mod and steam!

You pirated gmod or the account you are using doesn’t have it.

give the money

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I have not downloaded the pirate

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he showed me how to enter the steam
And play the games he has!

Which is the same as pirating.

Basically he downloaded them via his friends steam account / or his friend install them before he gave him the machine. Either way, he hasn’t bought gmod so he is not allowed to download from

So I need to buy games that need
i Dont have any money?!

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I’ll talk to him about it!
If you have no other solution
I’ll have to buy

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I’ll stick with the same
I Dont Have Money

Listen, you’re making nearly no sense. Try to explain yourself a bit more. Are you using your friends login details in order to play from your computer? Because that’s against Steam’s ToS. You can’t play GMod without a Steam account without pirating it / getting your friend to pirate it (which sounds like an utterly silly excuse).

All in all, get a job / get to borrow some money from a friend you can spend on GMod. It has just been on sale for like, 1.99 or 3.99 so not having money is not a valid excuse for not buying it. You live under a roof, right?

offtopic: people in Brazil don’t learn English? No offense in any way, just my curiosity kicking in because I see quite a lot of people from Brazil on Facepunch.

Not everyone speaks english in europe?
Not everyone speaks spanish in america?

Some people learn languages early, some don’t, some don’t learn it. It’s the same in every country :). Places with more tourism will have a higher portion of people speaking english than others etc.

i am 15 old :smiley:

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Whats the file path for your garrys mod? Like, where’s the folder located on your computer. Or just take a screenshot of your gmod folder.

oh man, I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been on an exercise bike for the past 45 minutes, but now it makes even less sense.

Google translate messes things up. Before my English was any good, I used it and no one could understand me…

Why dont translate one word, per one? translate everything sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

Judging from MASSIVE retardness of op, its obvious that he’s a troll.

He’s using a translator, which obviously isn’t going to translate proper sentence structure. In Portuguese what might make sense, does not in English. Same goes for ANY language going through a translator.

I strongly believe what he’s trying to say is a friend came over, installed Garry’s Mod, OP signed into an account that does not own it, therefore he isn’t able to access any downloads / play the game.

The only other thing I can see is piracy, but OP already claimed he didn’t pirate it, so I’m going to go with the first one.

That doesn’t really mean much. Perhaps those people chose to learn English, some people may learn it better than others, you never know.

[WRONGSECTION] Make sure you have the Garry’s Jibrrish Code on your steam profile page, for example of the code it would be this “[gmodorg|8ea658c67d29af68171c308d46******]”(without the stars)[/WRONGSECTION] dropped support on that and used the steam login.