Help adding admin chat to admin mod

Hey I have been working on this admin mod for about 2 weeks now and making an admin chat has been the only thing I havn’t been able to work out.
Basically I want it to do the same thing as ulx’s admin chat if someone types “@ (insert phrase here)” it sends the phrase to all the admins on the server.

Thanks in advance,

Here’s some stuff to start you off:

net Library
IsAdmin (or however your mod gets a player’s rank etc.)

You need to hook into GM:PlayerSay serverside and check if the text has ‘@’ as the first character.

If it does, get the text and broadcast it to your admin group using something like the net library as YaYaBinks3 suggests.

hook.Add( "PlayerSay", "AdminChat", function( ply, text, isTeam )
    if ( #text > 1 and text[1] == "@" ) do
        -- send net messages out to admins, or however you want to do it

        return "" -- prevents the admin chat from being seen normally in chat
end )

Something like that.

thanks alot guys that really helped