Help all steam games not running!!!!

hi i was just playing garrys mod when it crashed(not big surprise) and so when i go to restart it its says:Steam.exe(main exception):The registry is in use by another prosess,timeout expired. and this is the same thing for all my steam games even steam itself! if you know whats going on, or you have a suggestion please comment.

Boy, don’t we all just love registry errors? Have you tried ctrl+alt+del and try to end the process, not just the application?

@ hideyyo Im out of the game and if i try to re-enter the error pops up.

Have you tried to control+alt+delete, go to processes tab, finding steam.exe and try ending it?

but steam exe is not is not on. i cant even get into steam

Did you even try what he suggested? Just because it is not is not on doesn’t mean the process isn’t still running.

Also a reboot fixes lots of problems.

yeah i opened up task manager but its not there. Or am i not understanding? and ill try a reboot thanks.

Hold ctrl + alt + delete. This opens task manager. Click the second tab that says ‘Processes’ and look for steam.exe, hl2.exe and gameoverlay.exe. Close all of them if they are all running, or any of them if any of them are running.

oh Thanks to all of all of you guys i dont know what i would of done with out you guys you are the best!

A 20 minute reboot?

20 minutes? What computer takes almost half an hour to boot up if you haven’t been beating it with a baseball bat or is 5 years old?