Help an old friend out

So it’s been a really really long time since i’ve used Gmod and i finally got it reinstalled. The problem is…i dont remember any of the console commands that made it easy to pose.

Does anyone have any starting tips threads or anything that would be helpful to get back into this?

It would be much appreciated.

Jpeg_quality 100, sv_noclipspeed x (replace x with any number) for easier, more detailed posing. That’s what I use.

wrong section

Very helpful. where should i post then?

Gmod9 or Gmod10?

Gmod9: dont_buff_my_pylon 1 (get rids of watermark), phys_timescale 0.1 (bend limbs in the craziest of positions), noclip.

Gmod10: phys_timescale 0.1 doesn’t even work as it used to. Watermarks are automatically gone when taking a screenshot.

If you’re posing in Gmod10, it’s going to be tougher than 9 by default. A few phys file tweaks for models and it’s made easier to pose. It WILL take some getting used to.

And holy crap, long time no see!

This is the right section :3, i think everybody mentioned all of the necessary stuff already, jpeg_quality 100 etc. No collide tool etc

yesssssss i knew you’d come to save me haha, i’m still usin 9.

You still doin a lot of posing? i’ve been around here though, mainly in fast threads and GD

Haha, no problem.

Not as much as I used to. It’s a dying hobby for me but I still make an effort to pump something out (Hell, I’m still going on this forum after so long still). The screenshot section is more editing oriented nowadays however so you’ll soon see who are considered the new ‘big kids’ on the block, heheh.

My primary focus for Gmod now is to finish old projects like comics. That will be my last effort before I officially “retire”.

Heh, nice… lately i’ve been searchin through to see the old timers stuff like the guys who posted back in the day (you included) but it’s like every 3 pages i might get to see one.

You could also Use the newfound TGA method to get screenshots with no Jpg compression whatsoever but not many people use it, AND you’d need an editing program to open it so.

You could also use the R_lod 0 method to get rid of level of detail models.

r_lod 0
bind \ "devshots_screenshot "

Never used 9 so no idea if that will work at all.

Host_timescale 1 is default but lower it to get explosions slowed down to better time your screen shots