help anti crash lua error

[ERROR] addons/anticrash/lua/autorun/anticrash.lua:38: attempt to call global 'VlidEntity' <a nil value>
1.IsCrashed - addons/antivrash/lua/autorun/anticrash.lua:38
2. fn - addons/anticrash/lua/autorun/anticrash.lua:121
3.unknown - addons.ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:179

Can you post the file? Also, it should probably be IsValid instead of ValidEntity – which is being spelled wrong anyway.

  1. ValidEntity hasn’t worked for like 2 years now
  2. ‘VlidEntity’, the creator of this script didn’t even spell it right so it wouldn’t have worked even when ValidEntity was a thing

change ‘VlidEntity’ to IsValid and it should work

I uploaded a working one to

Here’s the one I uploaded to

not download

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I see what he means. I clicked download and I was taken to this page.



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