[HELP] Applying a Texture to a Model

Hello. I am just screwing around with some models and textures. I am trying to apply a texture onto a model (specifically .vtf/.vmt files). This is what I got trying, and I think I did something wrong…

Please halp! D:

It looks like you accidentally applied a normal map instead of a texture.

What do you mean? (Sorry, I am 100% new to this…)

If you’re really that new then you should try reading some tutorials before making a thread about it.

Well, I pretty much scoured the internet for a tutorial. So, either I didn’t look hard enough or was looking in the wrong places… :stuck_out_tongue:

Normal map is a “texture” that adds more detail to the model, imitating bumpyness and rough materials.
It’s basically normal skin but imported to vtf edit as a normal map ( or if you’re experienced you can do it in gimp/photoshop)