Help awefull FPS Lag

So on Chrismas I bought rust in steam. I load the game up, on the main menu completely fine, no lag. As soon as I join a server I get less than 2-3 frames per second and it stays like that.

Heres my specs:

Intel® i5 M 540 (2.53ghz)
4GB Ram (about to upgrade to 8)
Intel HD Graphics (i5) can go to 1696mb
Directx 10.1

I have tried the grass.on false and that didn’t help

I have edited the launch options (-force-d3d11 -force-feature-level-9-1 -force-feature-level-9-2 -force-feature-level-9-3 -nolog)

nothing yet

Please help this is urgeant!!!


I know his game is in alpha and they are focusing on getting the game to work but surely I should be getting more than 1-2 FPS?

Fps has been shitty like the past 1-2 weeks :confused:

Any Other suggestions on how to fix?

Set graphics to Fastest and the lowest resolution you can go but still look’s good enough to play, for even better quality set in windowed mode. When in a game press F1 and type

grass.on false which I know didn’t help you, but it could be the ammount of players in the server too.

All this together helps somewhat.

Thank you this has helped a bit

Make sure you are in fullscreen (alt+enter ingame)

This is your problem. Even further in development you are not going to get better performance. Integrated graphics are the worst idea when it comes to gaming. Sorry to tell you, but most likely you just wasted $20. Go buy a new computer with a dedicated GPU or go buy a desktop with a graphics card.

Yeah ik the GPU is Bad but its intergrated GPU

That is the point. Integrated graphics are shit forgaming, rust is no exception.

inb4 minecraft runs fine or TF2 or gmod… which are from year 2006 or something

“I’ll have you know that quake III runs fine on this computer!”