HELP! BSOD after closing hammer.

Every time I close the left 4 dead authoring tools, I blue screen, and I’m tired and a bit worried it might damage windows

gives me the error ‘BAD_POOL_CALLER’

Any answers would be appreciated, really wanna finish my campaign :frown:

according to Google, the issue can be very broad. Someone had a hard drive issue, another had an issue with a USB port, and someone had a bad stick of RAM.

Which error code did you get?

Guess I am gonna have to run hammer, and blue screen, and try to see the error it gives me.
Thanks for the site

I had this error. The BSoD is designed to SAVE Windows, so if it does damage it, then it hasn’t done it’s job has it :sax:

Anyway, try updating or rolling back any Drivers that need it (mainly graphics ones). After I updated mine, it seemed to disappear or become far less frequent.

An airbag is designed to save your life… But it doesn’t take away the fact that you just hit a wall going 80km/h

Said in another way: Something still went wrong with windows.

Close map 1st, then wait 5 seconds and close hammer.

how much ram do you have?

4 gigs sir.

Started when I upgraded to a better psu and a new Gcard, maybe I have to delete the old drivers?

Check your temperatures. Also, double check that your PSU isn’t faulty.

I have the same problem and I read somewhere that it was some ATI problem.
But if I close the map first and then hammer then it usually doesn’t BSOD.

I have this problem on my laptop but it is when it is when i close HL2 With hammer running in the background. (eg hammer is behind HL2)

So i have just learned that when play testing just minimise hammer.