[HELP] cam.3D2D start how do I set position of it without it changing when rotated?

So I’m trying to create a cam.3D2D thing above my entity and it moves when I rotate the prop and I don’t want it to obviously
my cl.init.lua


function ENT:Draw()

	local pos = self:GetPos() + Vector(14,0,15)
	local ang = self:GetAngles()

	ang:RotateAroundAxis(self:GetAngles():Right(), 90)
	ang:RotateAroundAxis(self:GetAngles():Up(), 90)

	cam.Start3D2D(pos, ang, 1)



Images of my problem:
At this angle it works completely fine

But at this angle it doesn’t

local pos = self:GetPos() + Vector(14,0,15)

You’re setting it to be 14 units in front and 15 units above no matter what rotation it’s at, try something like this:

local pos = self:GetPos() + ( self:GetAngles():Forward() * 14 ) + ( self:GetAngles():Up() * 15 )

You might need to replace “Forward()” with “Right()”, but this should keep it relative to the entity’s rotation.

(I’m not sure if you’re saying you don’t want it to move at all based on rotation, but I’m assuming you’re not.)

k it worked thx a lot man