Help | Can i make Perm Cars In DarkRP?

I want make edit of darkrp and i want to make Perm cars.

its possible?


Lol, you just bumped a 2 hour old thread silly.

Also use MySQL, and since you don’t seem like a competent human being, just hire a coder, or are you old enough to use a credit card? :fuckyou:

what the fuck is a Perm Car?

a car with a hairdo?


No perm imean they will save after i will get out of the server.

Macintush i got progremmer but what we need to do for make perm car? what code?

Ask the programmer.

And if the programmer doesn’t know, fire him.

Ok you’re just trolling, stop. :frog:

Use either MySQL or Sqlite, use SetPData. Yeah, your coders an idiot if he doesn’t know how to go on the wiki. Make a table for the cars and enjoy.

to recieve data;
ply.Hurrdurrcar1 = tonumber(ply:GetPData("Hurrdurrcar1")) or 0
to save data;
 ply:SetPData("Hurrdurrcar1", ply.Hurrdurrcar1)

There’s also an addon that would pretty much do this for you if you’re really lazy.

Why you don’t try to use permanently prop , you can find it on , and its very good ! If you restart the server the prop its still there .