HELP cannot connect to Rust Server

Hi I need help to find out why I cannot connect to the following Server

[ZA] Rust Dedicated Server

I tried from 2 computer already the problem is only on this server I can connect to any other server with problems.

The problem started this morning any I already asked one of my friends to check if it is still up and he can get in fine.
When i try to connect it just gets stuck @ connecting and then show connectionfailed.

My in-game name is LinkerKlinker if that will help with anything.

I have tracked the ip down to another game that is also on that ip (Arma3 Altis Life) but they server might be shared to many.
On there website there is a Rust server but the ip and port is different so I might be on the wrong track.

If anyone can help me track down the people that host the server so i can ask to maybe do restart or if they blocking my name for some reason.


net.connect localhost

are you banned?

No I can get into any other server just not this one.

(net.connect localhost) The server is not running on my computer so this does not work.


No I mean, if you are banned on a single server by an admin, when you try to join the server the connection will simply fail, there is no “you are banned message”. Had that problem today after I called out an admin who was spawning in stuff for his buddies.

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which is why for now on I will not have my steam linked to facepunch, because it is easy to ban someone based on a forum comment.

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And I am a dick to servers who have admins who spawn stuff in, in order to gain an upper hand and kill the players.

I tried it now on my friends pc with different internet and there it works so it is @ my ISP

with your own steam account?

post your console output, the exact error message

I own a server with FPS and my players randomly are having the same issue one of them as my friend. They claim its an issue with one of the steam servers. If you happen to get routed through this server and it crashes your sol. Sorry I dont know any tech details but thats what I’m being told so it might not be because your banned. I hope this helps

Edit: Once steam resets the server you should be fine after a few hours. However on my server this issue keeps regenerating for random players.

The console shows

connecting to
connecting to server

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Thx allot for the input.

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Hi all I found the problem it was an firewall setting on my router for blocking P2P it is strange that it worked fine until this morning.


I Had exactly this problem and got in touch with the server owner and asked him to ban me and then un-ban me …that solved it for me … just in case anyone else has the problem