Help, Cannot download any addons from the garrys mod workshop.

Hi everyone whos reading this.

I cannot download any addons from steam, and I do not know why.

Everytime I subscribe to the addons it says completed, Screenshot:

Then when I go back ingame, I’m not downloading any addon at all, and when I click on the addons i subscribed to it says none, screenshot:

Please help me, I had this issue for 1 week.

Do you have any other games that support workshop downloading? If so, see if it’s a Garry’s Mod issue or a Steam-syncing issue.


Can you answer my question?

Go to steam, click steam in the top left, go to settings, go to downloads, and change the download region to something else near by. Then restart steam. After that try and download the addons.

does not work mate

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