HELP: Can't chat

I need some help. If someone can help me I would be glad. I use to be able to chat perfectly on all servers then one day I went on the Sassivilization server (forgot how to spell it) and i pressed y to say hi and my character aimed at the ceiling. I tried multiple times before adding a admin to my friends list because I couldn’t chat. I told him about it and he didn’t know or anything, so i left the server and went to the Sassivilization Deathrun server. Same exact thing as last time. I then went to a GoFish 3 server I use to go on a lot and tried to say Hi but it happened AGAIN I added another admin and he didn’t know what was happening either. I then went on a RP server that had the regular chat for Gmod and said hi and it worked. I went back on the Sassivilization servers and tried to say Hi but i still couldn’t chat. I thought maybe it was the certain chats on the server and im pretty shure thats it but still. I then pressed ESC to change server and the menu didn’t work. I tried my console that didn’t work either. I stayed on the server for a while until i got really bored so i thought about pressing Tab + shift and joining a freind then canceling it. I did that and it worked so i was on the main menu and was wondering what was happening. Thats practicly the beginning. Just yesterday I was on the GoFish 3 server and i was next to a guy who hadn’t talked at all yet so i added him and asked if his chat was broken too and he said yes. We both had the same problem’s. I told a admin i had found a guy who had the same problem as me but he didn’t remember until I said when I press y I am up at the ceiling and cant go to the ESC menu or console and he said “Oh thats happening to me on one server too!” But still. I really don’t understand this or anything of why this is happening to me and a few other people but everyone else can chat and stuff. If you can help me I would appreciate it. BTW the guy that was having the same problem as me’s Steam ID is Aidener.

Having the camera tool out causes that.

Dude the camera wasn’t even ON the sassivilization servers and its not even a reason why its when you have it out.

This means that their custom chatbox is having a problem. Seeing as this happened on multiple servers, the issue is probably with your client. Do you have any addons installed that modify the HUD or chatbox?

Calm down, Mr Faggot Guy.

I think that the server you connected to had a custom chat plugin that you downloaded, which was broken. Now you can’t use the default chat.