Help can't join servers

Im the proud owner of garry’s mod and paid the full €10 for it but if i try to join a server it gives me an error message saying ( in dutch) je kan de server niet joinen wich means you cant join the server i can play other steam games online and toybox works fine, is this because idont have the right games installed because i dont have the official vesion of half-life 2
Thanks, majoortje

Are you saying that you obtained the Half-Life 2 content illegally? If so, yes that could be the issue and you probably won’t get much help here.

I did not download HL2 illegally, i just have HF2 deathmatch and HF2 lost coast

Can you please take a screenshot of the error.

this happens at all servers

Have you allowed Garry’s Mod in the Windows Firewall? It should’ve appeared at first startup of the game that if you want to allow Garry’s Mod to access the internet or not. If you already have, then try go to Steam>Library>Right Click GMOD>Click Properties>Go to the Tab “Local Files”>Do both “Verify Integrity of game cache” and “Defragment cache files”.

Please post if this worked so other peoples that might have the same problem and googles this will find the answer here.

I fixed it, I feel like a total Dumbass right now, the mulitplayer apparently doesn’t work with the console but I dont even know why i have it installed, but anyways thx for the help guys.:rock: