HELP! Can't move in normal branch!

Hi,i have a problem. I was on the experimental branch for about 5 mins. then i switched back to the normal branch, but now i can’t move in any direction. i still can look around and use my rock,torch etc. but jumping,walking,running doesn’t work. (Happens on every server)What should i do?

All controls have been reseted. Configure them back on.

You need to reassign your key bindings now. It’s a small glitch with going back into the old branch after trying experimental.

Easiest thing to do is to delete your config files and rust will remake them…

Under Steam\steamapps\common\rust\cfg

Keep favourites.cfg, nuke the rest.

ya, make a backup before going to the experimental branch. Delete the game content and restore the backup when you come back, takes less than a minute