Help!!!!! Can't play multiplayer.

Hi, basically: I play GMod on a Mac (Don’t judge me, my PC’s graphics card died :frowning: ). I started having a problem today. I went to join servers online. One server (a build server, I get to “Retrieving Server Info” and then I crash. I got on once but then crashed shortly. I tried joining a TTT server, and I made it in but there was no gamemode. No overly HUD, no tab, no gamemode, a shitload of errors and purple-pink names. Can somebody please help?

Best bet: get a 9800 GT for cheap

Quite a lot of Mac computers are able to handle GMod. What are the specs / name of your Mac, OP?

Nobody knows why this happens. Pc users have this problem as well but not nearly as many as Mac users. I have the same problem not being able to join certain servers on my mac.

Oh BTW. Have you tried single player?

do you get “Lua cache misconfigured”? make sure:
-Gmod/steam set to download ALL files
-Firewalls exceptions
-main browser connect to internet correctly
-browsers can connect to https sites

Thats my 2 cents

Thanks, it’s a MacBook Pro from when they first came out with the aluminum unibody, circa mid-2009. My processor is a 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. Running 10.6.8. I was using it fine for months.

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Thanks, single player works fine. I can’t join most build servers, and I join TTT and there’s no gamemode and a sh*tload of errors.

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Thanks for the ideas, last two are definite, pretty sure my firewalls are fine as it was working for months before this. I’ll check Gmod and Steam. Not sure about “Lua cache misconfigured,” I didn’t check that closely since I was getting flooded by errors in my console it was impossible to see.