Help Cinema gamemode Map

First of all, Hello community and that all stuff :3

Well i decided to make a map playable for this mode so i was doing a bit of research and found this tutoria that one of the devs made:

i started doing the “basic testing stuff like 4 walls then a simple screen on it and let’s see if it wors” but then it was like nope.
I have an insue that i configure all my mapping and entities then i compile and go chek on my Gmod but theres no screen loaded anywhere. I have configured the zone on my Lua file and theres no more “current map is not suported blahblahblah” for me so i supose theres no problem around my lua file but still theres no screen showing D: halp

Theres the hamm as u can see the entity is placed on the place that i think is the right one facing correctly.

But then ingame theres no screen on that place (black sqare) i set Cinema_debug_locations on as u can se that the vectoring zone is right too.

i know that will be some kind of stupid thing but iwas trying hard last night and i don’t know what more to do. hope anyone saves me XDDDD


As far as I can tell, the placement of the entity in hammer doesn’t change the placement of the screen at all. It’s mostly just the cinema_loc_vector that decides the location of the screen
(as far as I can tell anway, it’s worked for me in the past). Your theater screen is probably rotated the wrong way (It’s invisible from the back) and it’s probably currently at 0, 0, 0 or something.