help COD AW

facepunch users
I need help to get the model goliath xs1 obj format

I need to carry pepakura designer and so do cosplay

I hope someone can help me

I can not rip and my PC does not stand the game

I created a post JUST like this a while ago, but asking for something else from the game.
lets sit back and watch if either people don’t like me, or different people see this.

I have to buy an external hard drive. Once I get that I’ll get that ripped for you ASAP! :slight_smile:

thank you

I hope your help

I just ordered my hard drive and it should be arriving this Friday! I’ll rip it and put it up sometime after Christmas! :)))))

thank you very much esperare time

I got the model ripped but the textures are messed up and is not ripping the spec :confused:

unfortunately the latest version of Lime64 isnt ripping this properly (for me at least) and I dont have any of the previous versions. . .

Ill try and work on some stuff when I can (try and re rip it)

The program is kinda stupid, for example:

I ripped the Bal-27 and some how its giving the textures from the Bal-27 AE or .223 varaints. but if i try and rip the .308 it gives me the Carbon. and it doesnt always rip the iron sights. sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. but for all the DLC guns Im able to get all the textures

so I have no idea why the program acts like this

  • extract lime64 to your folder, make sure memory size on you hardisk more than 10 gb
  • open game
  • choose level “Induction - Aftermath - Utopia - Crash - Bio Lab - Armada - Throttle - Captured - Terminus” because xs1 goliath in these level
  • select level
  • wait loading to done
  • to the gameplay, you force exit game by press window button on your keyboard, don’t close your video game
  • okay after exit you open lime64

in extract folder in lime64, “npc_exo_armor_base” folder is xs1 goliath model