Help! Coder who's good with Clockwork needed!

So, more or less, my community and I are trying to get our server up, everything appears operational, but it refuses to appear on the server list or respond to any attempts at joining. Anyone interested in helpin’ out add (WBA)Wbtrex on steam. Thanks.

Open your ports.

Tried, isn’t even visible on LAN.

This isnt usually the case, but did you set the +ip on the command line?


Remove that line. Try again. The same thing happened to me. Im assuming youre running off your own computer so you dont have to designate the IP, your router should do that for you. (something like that)

Entire line, or just +ip?

Just the +ip part.

One sec.

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Would you mind adding me on steam?

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Or I can add you, :V

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Didn’t work, by the way.