Help Coding Custom Gamemode

i need someone to help me setup a custom version of the Murder Gamemode by Mechanical Mind
i want to code in a way that if murder is played on a TTT map that the murderer has access to using the Traitor Triggers.
is there a way to do this?

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Just copy the code from the TTT gamemode and modify it per the Murderer team:

im new to this, can you break it down further

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this is the murder files

this is what Code_gs sent me

what do i do?

You see in the code that code_gs sent you it has lines like [lua]LocalPlayer():IsActiveTraitor()[/lua]? That’s using a TTT function to see if the player is a traitor or not. You just have to find how murder figures out who is a murderer and replace it in the code. Hope you understand

Yeah i think i understand the TTT code but the murder code is all over the place i cant figure any of it out

There has to be an accessor to get if the player is a murderer or not. If the murderer is a team, then it will be LocalPlayer():Team() == TEAM_MURDERER.

I looked around in the murder code a little and it seems to use [lua]ply:GetMurderer()[/lua] (which I believe calls) [lua]function PlayerMeta:GetMurderer(bool)
return self.Murderer
end[/lua] as the call but I may be mistaken. I’m looking here

That’s looks correct. Cut out the part of the code which code_gs sent you that takes away credits and replace all the things that check if the player :IsTraitor() with :GetMurderer().

This might or might not have complications though considering that function might be serverside only. Try it though. :slight_smile: