Help, Compiling taking 12 hours.

I started compiling my map, its detailed but I did leave alot of space. Its a TTT Flying island map and its taking forever to compile it got half way done in 6 hours so I assume it would take 6 more
but I dont sleep that long so I was hoping some one could help me optimize the map or compile it for me.

func_detail. EVERYTHING.

(that isn’t a box or square) also func_viscluster.

That’s a really poor description.

func_detail should only be used on detail objects, not on things that will block the players view, such as walls, floors or ceilings.

i do have alot of func_brushes. I changed my ladder back to func_detail it helped a bit but im missing something.

Why is your ladder a brush?

Use a model.

Perhaps his ladder is not a ladder, but a vine or climbable fence. And there’s that nice looking ladder that is often used with Dev texture maps.

Well, you could always get a Windows RDP Account (Encoding) with a high-end cpu and RAM and compile it there :slight_smile:

Or you could optimize your map and not be a chucklefuck.

  • compile it in the weekend :slight_smile:
  • compile it in fast mode :confused:
  • use nodraw texture behind everything :slight_smile:

No see a map shouldn’t take this long to compile. Yes, you could just spend a weekend compiling, but instead you can actually fix the problems you’ve made.

Just ignore the influx of mappers who don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about…

I fixed it, got it down to 12 second compile time. Just needed to optimize it a bit, Also added a few VisClusters.

12 hours to 12 seconds? what. but I do have this problem. VVIS takes about 4 hours. It’s an RP map, so it’s very large but I feel that it shouldn’t take that long. VRAD takes like 16 minutes.
I feel i’ve done most right, nodraw all correct faces, func_detail the necessary brushes, and what not.

Jesus, func_detail isn’t the solution to everything
look at this

Nodrawing the faces is going to give you a tiny amount (if any) time off, as the compiler is going to ignore most of the faces you would nodraw.

I did in the firstplace, its just cause I had alot of open space. I made it smaller and used Skybox Tricks to make it look bigger as well as added Visclusters. Fixed a few things that dident need to be func_brush like the LADDERTOOL texture shouldent have been a func_brush. As well as a few other things.

Do keep in mind that nodrawing faces that does not touch a visleaf is utterly pointless, since it doesn’t get compiled anyway. I only recently found out :b So many hours I must have spend nodrawing faces in the void :confused: