help converted models mod Arm 3

hello faces you can me help !!! PLEASE
converted models ( Arma 3 )

This link from below

Thank attention !!! =D

You mean port those models into Garry’s Mod?

Unless you have the explicit permission of the authors themselves, nobody is going to touch Arma 3 content anymore.

Not because we don’t want to, but because Bohemia isn’t very interested in people porting Arma content to other engines.

I was thinking of that

The only guy who appeared to have a debinariser that was capable of ripping the p3ds, keeping the UVW map coordinates intact, was quickly shut down by BIS and hasn’t been seen on these forums since July.

Seeing as these appear not to be BIS models but custom made, what you’re actually asking for is for someone to help you steal these models, and then probably pass off as your own?

Because I wanted these models as 3d obj format
With texture more thank you for your attention.

Well if I were you, I wouldn’t touch them as because they aren’t yours UNLESS you have permission to use the current models then maybe I’ll help you

Correct, if you don’t have that permission, which looks pretty obvious he doesn’t then he’s ripping and porting someone else’s work.

I’m not familiar with many ArmA Modders who release their stuff to be ripped, hence why they also tend to obfuscate the addon build.

The person who marked my comment was dumb doesn’t understand the concept of seeking permission PRIOR to making a request, and the creator would have these in the format the OP is asking and therefore would not need to debinarise the content.

Unless you have the same Debinariser as Jonah Hex had, the UVW mapping will be smashed to bits on the models after you debinarse them.

Which is a real shame, some of the weapon models are really nice, i.e that tasty GM6 Lynx