[HELP] Copyright claiming on gamemodes.


I have a question regarding copyright claims on gamemodes.
The example I’m going to use atm is Cider (Yea I know, don’t start bitching please…)

So, as you probably know Cider is released by it’s author a long time ago.

But, if a gamemode which is based on Cider (example: Gmod.biz, FearlessRP) somehow got leaked. Are they allowed to put a server online with it, or not?
Because for as far as I know these gamemodes are, as I said before, based on a previous released gamemode by the author himself.

My point:
Is a community able to sue you or take any other kind of law actions because you are using their gamemode which is based on a previous released gamemode?

Thanks in advance

Instead of just giving you a dumb rating like other people would, Allow me to shed some light on this issue.

The GMod community has been going on for years in a giant Script race. Not everyone partakes in it, but mainly medium to big communities. Mostly centered around RP that aren’t DarkRP. Some of these developers, worrying about people changing their scripts out the wazoo and creating another DarkRP edit of their script, tend to try and put DRM on them.

The truest thing I can tell you now, is that no one, can copyright lua. They can protect it all they want, with any setback (Such as DRM, contacting your server hoster where their files are) and attempt to keep their script private. But in the end, it’s all about the script race and who has the most tricks up their sleeve to contain it.

The most that will happen legally is that the developer and whoever follows him will frown upon you “Stealing” their content, unless they don’t give two shits about it. They’ll probably attempt to send a formal letter to your paticular server hoster, asking them to shut you down, or take off their content. So nothing will come about it, Otherwise feel free to use it.

Source: Myself with 8 years of GMod community experience, multiple Head Administrations of Small and Large communities. (I’ll probably be rated dumb about this comment :stuck_out_tongue: Just trying to give ya a heads up)

Screw this people who rate dumb. Who cares.
They don’t even put effort in writing a reply.

Thank you :slight_smile:

No problem, If you’d like, ask around even from the Developers themselves. Get lots of opinions. Mine is the general agreement on how Copyright is handled within GMod. Some developers will tell you otherwise, mostly to scare ya off from it.

Side Note: It’s also generally acceptable to ask the creator/developer who made it if you have permission, unless of course they’re selling it. That way you’re in the clear from bad feelings and crap. Unless you don’t care xD

Well, talking to the developers themself is always a good idea to find out this kind of information.
But please note that the 2 communities I posted are just examples :P.

And yea, the most probably will just tell you it’s illegal just to scare you off…

If you derive a gamemode off of code that is stolen from another gamemode that is copyrighted, that isn’t too good. However, very few of the authors and people working on this actually have the funds required to enforce something like this. It is also so rampant, that it has created a culture of ‘coding in the bunkers’… very much a script race that is not very collaborative.

Now, if you used a copied gamemode and actually gathered any substantial amount 10k+ of money through it - you could easily become a target of dozens of people that have contributed to the codebase that you are using.

I don’t agree on the statement that nobody can copyright LUA code. There is no provision of LUA that specifies that any creation in this language is automatically licensed under some copyleft setup.

It is because of these facts that I limit my searches to things that I can look into and are open sourced / public domain. It takes a lot more effort to get in contact with authors to seek permission to re-release their things under GPL/Creative Commons, but I have had success.

For example, towards creating a space RP

So I guess what I am trying to say is that it takes a lot of extra digging and leg work, but you can do this without violating copyrights or the intentions of others authors works.

Good luck. Don’t join the script war if you can help it, and work on something you aren’t concerned about someone stealing.

Here’s a protip: in the end no one actually cares and the people who do care enough will never actually do anything about it.

So just release all your stuff.


Anything you create yourself is automatically copyrighted to you, you don’t have to say or declare it as your own. (in the UK anyway, dunno about the US)

In reality nobodies going to actually sue you, it’s just a major dick move to copy it without permission. If you’re releasing it back onto Facepunch or the Workshop you might run into trouble with moderators taking it down, but if it’s just for your own server you’ll probably get away with it.

Mayor dickmove, of course. Thanks for that information :slight_smile:
But so, in reality nobodie is going to sue you. But do they have the option to do so?
Or is there just no legal reason to sue you at all?

11/10 wouldrateluakingagain

I am not a lawyer, however this is what I understand:

There would be the option to send a DMCA Takedown request. (Takedown request would go to service provider, in this case it would be Steam &/or Garrys Mod &/or whoever hosts your server) as far as I can tell from this page

Actually take a look at more of this http://www.chillingeffects.org/dmca512/faq.cgi#QID125

If you have $$, they could attempt to sue you.

I’m going to edit this with more specific possibilities of how this could happen.

Basically if I were looking to sue and knew that you were loaded, I would seek damages by subpoenaing information about how many people have connected to your server and utilized the copyrighted materials that you have provided. I would have to prove monetary damages, which may be that I had started charging $2000 for access to my copyrighted materials. Then I would seek damages (from the server host) for each instance of a user connecting to your server that was provided access to said copyrighted materials.

Another note: From my research, if the works that were produced that were derived from Cider were not authorized - the authors of those works may not have a valid claim to copyright. They may still have some claim to the code that is unique and original, however.

In all the time gmod has had lua implemented, there has never been a single lawsuit. Some people have just contacted server hosts or sent DMCA notices and scared the host into deleting the files but that’s probably the most that’s ever been done.

I think I have to agree with that. Most people will just mail or try to contact you in some way saying that’s is theirs, you don’t have permission etc. etc.

Just trying to scare you off. Nobody will actually do the trouble and pay the huge amount of money to a lawyer to start a lawsuit. I guess.

I can’t imagine a gamemode being profitable enough to go through the trouble of a lawsuit. You never know though, some kids have rich parents.

They do have the option to, it’s copyright infringement, but if anyone does it’ll be a first. You’ll get a letter asking you nicely to stop before a lawsuit though, so just accept defeat when that happens.

A Cease & Desist letter faxed to host is all that is needed showing some sort of proof. That is also a legal signed document, if ignored or lied to host can lead to perjury.
Most host know that and will shut you down within 24 hours. Some open on other host but now it’s a cat and mouse game that will leave to you running all the time.

Isn’t perjury lying under oath?

Cider is created off a leaked script anyway.
And the original script was released back in 2011. Also… IIRC, some guy who’s worked in the past for Fearless[like in October] has the entire script for CityRP, and has apparently considered releasing it.