help correcting bone rotation axis

I’ve been porting models from xnalara. but I’ve had problems with models that have wrong axis.
how do I correct bone axis without breaking the rig?

oh,. sorry, I forgot to mention. I’m using 3dsmax 2012.
I tried the bone edit on 3dsmax. didn’t seem to work. or maybe I’m doing it wrong?

What do you mean they have the wrong axis? Going to a playermodel on Valve animations?

If so you should really re-rig them on a proper Valve skeleton. If you absolutely have to keep your current rigs then keep in mind you’ll probably have stretching and distortions as it forces those bones onto Valve’s proportions and locations. In any case you can swap to affect pivot only and rotate the bone on its axis in local rotation mode, though you may want to detach children bones temporarily just to avoid minor visual issues that occasionally pop up. You’ll also want to reset the skin modifier afterward (just uncheck always deform and recheck it).

what I meant is instead of rotating towards x,y or z. it goes xy or 45 degrees wrong.
but you gave me an idea. thanks
I guess making a new bone (correctly aligned) then transferring all the weights to it might fix the problem