Help create Playermodel.

Hi all, i search on google, i find a LOT of thing but i dont find what i want so,

I want to know, how to make a Playermodel with a ragdoll. I want to make these ragdoll some Playermodel.

Just tell me how, lot of thank :stuck_out_tongue:

You need alot of programs and Most are free except for several like 3Dsmax, Maya, XSI & Blender which range from $300+. And there is barely tutorials on this stuff so it takes practice. Only valve really tells you how to do it. So you have to read their instructions.

No one can really tell you step by step. You would have to do your own research like I did. You wont learn this in a week. Js.

Huh. I wish i would have found that sooner. lol.

Thank you

Blender’s free