[HELP] Creatin Razputin (from Psychonauts) playermodel

Hello, I’m trying to create a player model of Raz (Psychonauts), and when I start the game appears to select it but the model is not seen.
I have a lot of questions about creating a playermodel, so if you can answer them, I’ll be very grateful (Sorry, I speak Spanish, obviously if you read this and you speak Spanish write me in Spanish) Thank you.

A. The vmt and vtf files; Should be called the same as the model materials? If not, how do materials apply to mdl?

B. How do I create the QC file? None of the model, including the rig, were not copied from another playermodel. It was rigged with Mixamo. I say this because when I compile with a physics model from another playermodel it compiles me without errors but created the model of physics for me gives me errors.
I do not know if it’s because I do bad QC. The QC I extract it from any other playermodel and I change the fields where they require the SMD

C. How do I identify the face of the model to be modifiable?

This is the mistake I have

I have many more questions but only leave the most important

I plan to make many Psychonauts playermodels if I could get someone who can create the physics models, ragdoll models, and of course, QC files, something so complex. And I would export the reference model. I work with Cinema 4D and 3DS MAX 2010.

Here I leave some images, if you are interested, my Steam account is Jakesitos