Help creating chat command (ulx)

Hey can anybody tell me how do i create a chat command in ulx,like /report (message).for admins only to see it in the chat (darkrp).
or a admin advert would be nice too.

ULX alraedy has admin chat implemented, it’s @Message, or “asay” in the chat section of the menu.
Same goes with the advert, you have csay (Text in chat), tsay (Text in middle of screen) and a console command - rp_tellall Message, which prints a huge message at the top of everyone’s screen, along with the name of the admin that wrote it.

how do i change the names of those chats?
i want the admin to be aadvert and the @message to be /report

Have you even looked at the code?
All it takes is Ctrl + F then finding where “@” is, I mean really…

what folder of ulx?

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nvm i got it