Help Creating Garry's Mod Accessories!

I am trying to create hats/helmets for players to buy on my gmod server. Currently I am making a stormtrooper helmet, however I have little to no experience with Source. The wiki has explained the basics to me (and I mean BASICS) and I am still very confused. I have the actual model created, and from there I believe I have to export it as a .smd. I also have the texture as a .vtf. From there I have no clue what to do. I was wondering if someone could either explain it to me, or let me send them the obj and they can compile it. If said person does compile it for me, they can of course release it on Steam under the own name or whatever they want.

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Sorry the pictures didn’t show up, idk why not.

You need to compile the SMD. If you were to do it the manual way, you’ll need a QC file and a compiler (you’ll need to use either studiomdl.exe (that’s a commandline program) or the GUI versions of it like GUIStudioMDL and Cannonfodder’s StudioCompiler). I’m not sure how you’re planning on doing the accessories - the easiest way would be to leave it as it is and have it attached onto the head bone of a player with some lua scripting on your server.

Instead of doing it the manual way, I’d highly recommend you use Wallworm tools for 3DS Max (I am assuming that’s what you’re using?). It allows you to compile models and materials without ever leaving 3DS Max. Don’t have to bother with QCs or compilers, just set up what you need.

All the documentation is on the site for how to set it up and compile models. You’ll need the Source SDK installed from Steam, by the way.

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You’ll need to have the texture applied to the model before you export, by the way. Just have it as an image format and drag + drop onto the helmet in 3DS Max before you compile/export.

Can you explain how to test it on a player model? I have it done with the texture and Wall Worm installed, but the scale could be way off