[Help] DarkRP Custom Spawn Menu ?

**Ok so basically i want to make a custom spawn menu, i know its looked down upon but i think its essential and if made correctly can look quite nice.

This is what i want it to look like.

Please only comment if you can help.

Thanks, Whij**

Under no circumstances you should be adding or removing user content. Period.

If you want to add a custom spawnlist for your server, add a new tree similar to “Your Spawnlists” but call it like “Server’s Spawnlists” and put your shit in there. You can learn how to do so by looking at the source code for the spawnmenu.

So are you saying to make a new tree under “garrysmod/settings/spawnlist”.

I kinda asked how to do it, Not why i shouldn’t :slight_smile:


Something like that:


( The “Browse Materials” tree element )