help darkrp money printer.

**i’m ok at coding but i need help i made money printers but when i go in the darkrp hud and try to buy them they spawn as a worldprop or nothing spawns and it just says the cmd in the chat. Thanks.

A thing i have to know if i download weapons and put them in me server addons can i make shipments out of them if i code it in the addenities or do i have to put the addon weapon file(realistic weapons) inside the enities/weapon folder because its not working for me.**

1: Bold everything? No…No…
2: Something in your addentities.lua is mucked up, make sure everything is spelled correctly. Paste the code?
3: I can barely understand you. If you are asking us for our time to help you, you should at least put in your time by spelling/capitalization and make an effort.

Sorry, but when i add a second money printer into the game and click on it in the f4 menu hud, it just spawns it as a world prop or it just says the cmd in the chat bar and dose not spawn.

Paste your addentities.lua file

AddEntity(“Medium Money printer”, {
ent = “medium_printer”,
model = “models/props_c17/consolebox03a.mdl”,
price = 1000,
max = 4,
cmd = “/buymedprinter”

AddEntity("Small Money printer", {
ent = "Small_printer",
model = "models/props_c17/consolebox05a.mdl",
price = 500,
max = 4,
cmd = "/buysmallprinter"

First of all you put CSS realistic weapons inside Addons, and secondly do you have the files for the “Small_printer” and the “medium_printer” inside entities? If not you can’t just make a printer out of nowhere.

I made the files and I was looking through console and it told me these line errors so I went to look and now they spawn and work but now i’m just having trouble making them not usable with the phys_gun.

What darklom is saying is: Have you downloaded an addon for the “Small_printer” and “Medium_printer”? You Cannot just make up entity names, you must have files for them.
Also, you shouldn’t have capital letters in entity names. It will muck up.