[HELP] DarkRP - Shipments

Hello Guys!

I would like to ask a simple and quick question… so is it possible to change the shipment model somehow? It really bothers me that on every single server there is the same shipement model over and over and over again. I just thinked about it and I wasn’t quite sure if it is possible, I searched on loads of forums but this question has never been asked before (as I know)

It would be awsome if it was possible however if it isnt I would sincerly appreciate a quick and simple answere :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

P.S: Sorry for the bad english

Yes, however, you’ll have to change the 3D2D code to match the model you set it to.

Oh thanks! Could you help me out with some guide ?
I would really appreciate it

shipmodel =


Thank you ! Helped me a lot :slight_smile: