Help darkrpmodification-master NOT WORKING

when i start my server it say’s:

[ERROR] addons/darkrpmodification-master/lua/darkrp_customthings/jobs.lua:55: un
expected symbol near ‘,’

  1. unknown - addons/darkrpmodification-master/lua/darkrp_customthings/jobs.lua

this is the error and this is the code:

DarkRP custom jobs

This file contains your custom jobs.
This file should also contain jobs from DarkRP that you edited.

Note: If you want to edit a default DarkRP job, first disable it in darkrp_config/disabled_defaults.lua
Once you’ve done that, copy and paste the job to this file and edit it.

The default jobs can be found here:

For examples and explanation please visit this wiki page:

Add jobs under the following line:

TEAM_SWAT = AddExtraTeam(“S.W.A.T”, Color(0,204,255,255), “models/player/combine_super_soldier.mdl”, [[S.W.A.T is some who come in, when the police is having trouble.]], {“weapon_real_cs_p228”, “weapon_real_cs_mac10”, “item_ammo_pistol”}, “swat”, 2, 70, 0, false, true, TEAM_POLICE)

TEAM_GUARD = AddExtraTeam(“Guard”, Color(0,255,0,255), “models/player/soldier_stripped.mdl”, [[Guards get hired to protect other people.]],
{“weapon_real_cs_glock18”}, “guard”, 2, 45, 0, false, true)

TEAM_HITMAN = AddExtraTeam(“Hitman”, Color(153,51,51,255), “models/player/barney.mdl”, [[Hitmen’s are people that kills for money.
But they cant do it for free or just kill them self.]], {“weapon_real_cs_glock18”}, “hitman”, 2, 45, 0, false, true)

TEAM_BANKER = AddExtraTeam(“Banker”, Color(102,0,102,255), “models/player/eli.mdl”, [[Bankers are people storing stuff for other.
They cant take deposited items for themself!]], {}, “banker”, 1, 50, 0, false, false)

TEAM_DRUG = AddExtraTeam(“Drug Dealer”, Color(255,102,0,255), “models/player/male_07.mdl”, [[Drug Dealers sell drugs.
But dont get arrested by the cops!]], {}, “drugdealer”, 2, 35, 0, false, false)

TEAM_NINJA = AddExtraTeam(“Ninja”, Color(255,102,0,255), “models/player/t_guerilla.mdl”, [[Youre a ninja trained from you were borned!
Remember to take orders from your master.]], {“weapon_real_cs_knife”}, “ninja”, 3, 30, 0, false, false)

TEAM_MASTER = AddExtraTeam(“Ninja Master”, Color(204,153,204,255), “models/player/t_arctic.mdl”, [[Youre a ninja trained from you were borned!
Command your ninjas to do what you want.]], {“weapon_real_cs_knife”, “lockpick”}, “ninjamaster”, 1, 55, 0, false, false)

TEAM_SS = AddExtraTeam(“Secret Service”, Color(102,102,51,255), “models/player/t_leet.mdl”, [[Secret Service are some people,
that protect the mayor!]], {“weapon_real_cs_m4a1”, “weapon_real_cs_five-seven”, “weapon_real_cs_knife”}, “secretservice”, 2, 70, 0, true, true)

TEAM_TERRORIST = AddExtraTeam(“Terrorist”, Color(204,153,153,255), “models/player/t_guerilla.mdl”, [[Terrorist are people that have access
to the the mighty Jihad bomb!]], {}, “terrorist”, 2, 30, 0, false, false)

TEAM_MILITARY = AddExtraTeam(“Military”, Color(102,255,0,255), “models/player/combine_soldier.mdl”, [[You are a member of the army!]],
{“weapon_real_cs_usp”, “weapon_real_cs_ak47”, “item_ammo_pistol”, “item_ammo_rifle”}, “Military”, 4, 65, 0, true, true)

TEAM_TRADER = AddExtraTeam(“Antique tradesman”, Color(153,204,0,255), “odessa.mdl”, [[A trader that sells WW2 allied weapons.]],
{}, “trader”, 2, 50, 0, false, false)

TEAM_SGS = AddExtraTeam(“SUPER GANGSTER SWAT”, Color(255,255,255,255), “models/player/magnusson.mdl”, [[SUPER ADMIN WOOHOO!!!]],
{“weapon_real_cs_admin_weapon”, “weapon_pumpshotgun”, “Is_sniper”, “item_ammo_pistol”, “item_ammo_rifle”, “item_ammo_shotgun”}, “sgs”, 5, 100, 2, false, true)

TEAM_SWAT = AddExtraTeam(“Swat”, Color(51,0,255,255), “model/player/combine.mdl”, [[As S.W.A.T it is your job to bust the drug dealers and make sure nothing seriously illegal is going on.
]], {weapon_shotgun, weapon_mp52}, “SWAT”, 5, 80,
, true)

TEAM_THIEF = AddExtraTeam(“Thief”, Color(153,153,51,255), “models/player/group03/male_02.mdl”, [[
You are th crook of the town , you can be hired or just steal for fun you choose.
]], {“weapon_lockpick”,“weapon_keypad_cracker”}, “THIEF”, 4, 50, 0, true)

TEAM_SWATLDR = AddExtraTeam(“Swat Leader”, Color(51,0,255,255), “models/player/combine_soldier.mdl”, [[As SWAT LEADER it is to order your men around and make the city a safe place.
]], {weapon_m42, weapon_deagle}, “SWATLDR”, 1, 90,
, true)

TEAM_GUARD = AddExtraTeam(“Bodyguard”, Color(0,0,51,255), “models/player/barney.mdl”, [[

You protect people for money.
]], {weapon_glock2}, “GUARD”, 3, 60, 0, false)

TEAM_HIT = AddExtraTeam(“Hitman”, Color(153,153,153,255), “models/players/group02/male_01.mdl”, [[
You “whack off” those un wanted guests…for a price.
]], {}, “HIT”, 3, 40, 0, true)

TEAM_BUILD = AddExtraTeam(“Builder”, Color(51,204,255,255), “models/players/alyx.mdl”, [[

You build things for people, for money of course.
]], {gmod_tool}, “BUILD”, 3, 60, 0, false)

TEAM_GOD = AddExtraTeam(“GOD”, Color(0,0,0,0), “models/player/corpse2.mdl”, [[
You are god.]], {“weapon_m42”,“weapon_mp52”,“weapon_ak472”,“weapon_lockpick”,“weapon_keypad_cracker”,“weapon_pumpshotgun2”}, “GOD”, 2, 100, 0, true)
admin = 1

TEAM_PRIVATE = AddExtraTeam(“Private Eye”, Color(0,0,0,255), “models/player/gman_high.mdl”, [[
You spy on people for money, you know just about everything in teh city.
]], {“weapon_glock2”}, “PRIVATE”, 2, 60, 0, true)

TEAM_TERM = AddExtraTeam(“Terminator”, Color(102,153,0,255), “models/player/dog.mdl”, [[
As terminator you are hired to kill.
]], {weapon_para2}, “ROBO”, 2, 60, 0, true)

Your SWAT team has a double comma near the end.

If you’d use the new way jobs are setup it’d be easier to read/identify errors…

You need to make your job structure more neater. It will help you in the long run and it’s easier to read.

thx for the help