Help Decompiling in Milkshape!

So I’ve been trying to export Left 4 Dead common infected from either Left 4 Dead 1 or 2. This is mainly for use in 3ds Max for modding and making short films.

However Crafty simply will not export Left 4 Dead common infected with their skins, like it does for every other model out there. I can export Witches, Tanks, Boomers no problem, but common infected just can’t be exported with textures.

I could just decompile the models, but then there’s the job of getting the textures and applying them correctly, which can be more than a pain.

What am I doing wrong? The files are loaded into the Models and Material folders of Gmod, but these models just won’t load textures.

Thanks in advanced for any help, this is an awesome community and I’ve loved searching your pages of threads for info.