Help developing Gmod DarkRP (PAYING CASH)

And we need help developing a darkrp… :slight_smile:

We’ve already gotten the gamemode in, just need edit jobs, props blacklisted, etc.

Add me on steam:

[Xcess] Astrid


Well, it was not nice knowing you and um :suicide:

Sure, I’ll take your money and get my little sister to do the shit for you. Anyone can do that shit. I just don’t want to live in this world anymore. :suicide:

Send me a message on this in terms of the jobs you’d like to create and I’ll write up a tutorial showing you exactly how to implement them.

Look, I understand. You long to be an admin. All of us do in one fashion or another. The littlest bit of power is a treat.

Do not make this server. You’ll end up being a small fish in a smaller pond. What I mean by that is you will spend the money on hosting, maybe have a few regulars etc, have a nice thing going on for a little while, then one day one of two things will happen, a member of yours will get fed up of having no power and start their own server, taking most of the members with him while making all kinds of promises, or something will break and you’ll be back to square one with no knowledge of how to fix it.

Honestly, I am not trying to be rude, such is just the way of any RP servers in general, especially in a community that lacks the diversity necessary to set yourself apart.

(Also, your webpage is suspended.)

You’ll waste your time and money, wonder what happened and be right back were you started. Seen it over and over. Take some time, learn some lua, and find a way to set yourself apart.