Help differentiating two separate textures in one VTF; attempting to force one over the other on a model

I am having problems attempting to hex a texture onto a player model which has more than one texture in the VTF that the model tries to choose from.

The problem is that when I hex the model using xvi32, there are two strings which seem to differentiate the VTF.

Refugee_femc8 is the string which determines the shirt/jeans/hands/shoes texture applied to the model.
The first string in the picture is the shirt texture, the second string is the hands/jeans/shoes texture.

When I hex the first string determining the shirt, it seems by default it automatically uses the texture seen at the top of the first picture. I want to make the model apply the secondary texture at the bottom with the camouflage instead of automatically applying the top texture.

I’m unsure how to proceed further, any help would be appreciated.

Models have something called a UV which defines what part of the texture applies to what part of the model’s geometry.
The only real fix is to look at the original texture and see how to line up the part you want with the way the original texture is.

Thanks, did just that and it worked.