Help downloading player model

Hi. There’s this player model at but I have no idea how to add it. Can some help me add it to my game and the server I’m running? thanks

Throw the folder in your addons folder.
Then add the materials and models folder to fastdl, and create a resource.AddFile forcing the players to download the model.

Please Google next time, there are dozens of threads about this topic and various guides that explain how to do exactly what you asked (Also there are many many detailed guides if you’re unsure of what I told you to do)

Actually I did google it but I phrase stuff weirdly, anyways I can’t add the file to fastDl cus its not a steam workshop file

FastDL has nothing to do with workshop

what do you mean? of course it dose? resource.AddFile (“InsertsteamfileID”) is how it works so how do I do this with Garrys

resource.AddFile doesn’t work like you described it - it has nothing to do with steam.
I think you are confusing it with resource.AddWorkshop - Which is WorkshopDL.
There are many guides as to how to set up FastDL. It shouldn’t take you more than 1 minute if you know what you’re doing, or 15 minutes if you are completely and utterly clueless (Assuming the guide you are using isn’t atrocious).