Help Draw Box Rotated Around Player Aim Vector

local myMax = ply:GetShootPos()+(ply:GetAimVector()*500)
local myMin = myMax - Vector(50,500,50)
render.DrawLine(ply:GetShootPos(), myMax, Color (0,0,255), true)
render.DrawWireframeBox( Vector(0,0,0), Angle(0,0,0), myMin, myMax, Color(255,255,255), true )

Basically I’m trying to draw a rectangle around the players aim vector.
I’m obviously doing this wrong, but the problem is I need the box to have a static length, width, and height.

My plan is to use the wireframe box for visualization until I can use the

ents.FindInBox(myMin, myMax)

to loop through all entities so I can apply a velocity to them.
When I tried to change the Vector or Angle of the wireframe box it rotated around the wrong axis.

if SERVER then
local plyForwardDist = 500
hook.Add(“PostDrawOpaqueRenderables”, “DrawBoxHelp”, function()
local ply = LocalPlayer()
if !IsValid(ply) then return end

	local plyPos = ply:GetPos()
	local plyAngles = ply:GetAngles()
	local plyOBBMins = ply:OBBMins()
	local plyOBBMaxs = ply:OBBMaxs()
	render.DrawWireframeBox(plyPos, Angle(0,plyAngles.y,0), plyOBBMins, Vector(plyForwardDist,plyOBBMaxs.y,plyOBBMaxs.z), Color(255,255,255), false)