help drawing player model

i can’t seem to figure out how to draw the player model, so far all i have been able to come up with is

hook.Add(“PrePlayerDraw”, “TestPrePlayerDraw”, function(ply)

but that just crashes to the desktop

This reminds me of SethHack’s source…

Anyway, what are you trying to achieve? Aren’t player’s drawn already?

i have an idea for an interesting effect, but i can only do it if i’m able to draw the player with lua. relying on what the game is already doing won’t help me in the slightest

Interesting wallhack effect?

Still confused, so here’s some code that might be relevant :
hook.Add(“PrePlayerDraw”, “TestPrePlayerDraw”, function(ply)
cam.Start3D( EyePos(), EyeAngles() )

well that worked, but i thought that the player draw hooks already had cam.Start3D enabled for them, which is why i was trying to do it in that function =/

edit: nope, didn’t work, just simply forgot to uncomment add hook in my code >_<

i take it that no one knows how to draw the player on the screen with lua?

Try explaining what you mean a little better.


Objective: Draw the player on the screen with lua code

Theory: i am guessing that is done with ply:DrawModel()

Problem: that crashes to desktop no matter how i think to use it

i can’t think of how i can be any clearer, if you still don’t understand then maybe you should tell me what part your missing