HELP! Elevator doors wont open!

Hey facepunchers I got a bit of a problem I reckon one of yous can help me with?

So, I made an elevator for a roleplay map I’m working on, a func_tracktrain. Everythings going well but for one thing, the elevator doors on each floor it goes to won’t open.

I followed this tutorial here and to no anvil. Also this tutorial from the developer website

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask since I’m new here but I thought Id give it a shot. Thanks! :weeb:

at the bottom of the valve site is a link to a vmf you can use to compare your set up with or just copy in to your map

I looked at the vmf that they made and it has the opposite problem as me, instead of the doors outside the elevator not opening up, ALL the doors open up when the elevator goes to each floor.

Kinda bad when you look for a tutorial and even the tutorial has a mistake!

Well thanks for your help but their tutorial I don’t think can help me…
I saw in another vmf that a map maker used a logic_case for his elevator. Sgt sickness I think. But I never found a tutorial explaining how to do it that way.

Sorry if this is super obvious, but you said all the doors open at once instead of one at a time, yeah?

Do each set of doors have a unique name for each floor, like elevator_door_lv1, elevator_door_lv2, … ?
I know the videos have that step in there already, but if all the doors are acting like one entity, it sounds like there’s just some I/O that needs to be checked.

You’re going to have a lotttt of I/O to keep track of with so many moving parts, so fixing bugs can get a little confusing. Also doesn’t help that there’s almost unlimited ways to get an elevator working. I usually use func_movelinear, but if you’ve already got the thing moving up and down and working with buttons, you’re way ahead of the game.

If you want to see for yourself look at the vmf that the website gave. The reason why I want to use a tracktrain is so my elevator can go to more than 2 floors. I only thought move linears could only go up and down?

Yeah the tracktrain isn’t the problem, I’m just trying to figure out how in downtown_v2 and evocity33x how the elevator doors were done there.

It’s a tough to troubleshoot this issue without seeing your VMF. I would just double check all your I/O to make sure it’s all connecting in the right way.

If you ever want to try using the func_movelinear for an elevator on other projects, this is how I learned:

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