[Help] env_cubemap trouble

I’ve been having some real trouble getting the env_cubemaps correct in my tiny bathroom, I normally wouldnt make a thread but im proper stuck, been at it all morning and most afternoon.

I’ve uploaded my vmf file, Could some nice person spare a few moments of their time and add the env_cubemaps for me? I dont like asking for help, especially for free so I could send you a guess pass for The Killing Floor thats all I really have to offer ontop of my gratitude


http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DF8IKMS2 VMF

Thanks for reading my post

Just put it 64 units over the ground, and move the cubemap over to the sinks more. type mat_specular 0, buildcubemaps, mat_specular 1

mat_specular 0 seems to have done the trick! First time using this command thank you very much firegod522

Actually that turns off reflections. You don’t want to do that.

Cause then everyone will have to do that.

Almost got the problem solved, after loads of tweaking and adding/removing cubemap entity


Dam im struggling badly with this room, anyone have any ideas? got the cubemaps at 64 height, next to the sinks and still they look terrible. All the other rooms ive made ive had no trouble with env_cubemap

the reason the reflections on the toilets are so bright, is because it is using an env_cubemap that gathered its reflections of the adjacent sinks before their cubemaps were applied, making the reflections appear bright white (which is the color of the sinks before they had their reflections applied)

move the cubemaps to either:

A) a darker room

B) down in the corner of the room far away from the other sinks