HELP (facepunch connector missing feature implementation)

Hello i dont find that or some fix i pay the game yesterday and i played on a sever and becomme 10-15 min a kick or disconect and the massage failed to connect (facepunch_connector_missingfeatureimplementation)
? what is this and how to fix it

sorry but theres no fix, you should have known better than to waste your money on an ALPHA game, Facepunch doesnt care about the current state of the “defunc” versión of the game, only about future updates so bad luck.

You can always play on the cracked servers without disconnect tho, or keep reconnecting every 5 minutes to reset the error timer.

hahahaha don’t listen to this dude, he’s cranky and is only using the “you should have known since because alpha” because someone else just got through telling him the same thing after he shit his gross attitude all over another thread on this issue:

And don’t play on cracked servers unless you want very bad things to happen.

Back to your post OP, what OS are you operating on?

Yes I learned my lesson :stuck_out_tongue:

btw OP, I got it fixed apparently, reinstalled Steam and ran a spyware detection program and no problems until now, its a bitch of an error tho so good luck