HELP... fast!!!

The game runs on my computer?

Windows 8.1 64bits
Pentium Dual-Core 2.30GHz
Graphics card: Onboard

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Onboard graphics, its unlikely you will be able to run the game at a good speed.

I wouldn’t advise buying it until you get an upgrade?

No it will not run. Dual core CPU doesn’t have a high enough clock speed for compensation, and it’s out of date. you have the minimum on RAM, and onboard graphics are almost always a no-go.

As i say at another Thread,i use an i3 Dual Core and have no big Problems

And are you running a graphics card/GPU, or integrated?

I will post my system on your running thread.I will test the fps this time

Yeah, thanks. I’ll put up a post for people to please share their rigs and FPS, so maybe things can get cleared up.

I have a dual core amd processor running @2.7GHZ on a laptop averaging 30fps (up to 45) on fastest graphics settings. Keep in mind it is also a laptop so it has integrated graphics. Although it has dual graphics.

2.7>2.3 also AMD’s integrated GPUs blow Intel’s integrated out of the water, at least as I have noticed.

The integrated graphics are reasonably powerfully compared to intel but the cpu is the thing the bottlenecks it. It’s so terrible :C But he should be able to play reasonably smooth if he adds in the launch parameters that make everything look crap if he really wants to play :L Depends how tolerant he is :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean ,strip it since it looks like Minecraft, :wink: