[Help][FastDL][Server]Very Very long Sending Client Info. (~10 Mins)

I have one weired problem.
On garry’s mod client without addons i have very long “Sending Client Info” ~10Mins

Any ideas?

Addon list

addons.txt                      gestures                    rt camera                 ulx afk
advanced ball socket tool       gm12 re-located stools 2.0  simple thirdperson        ulx auto promote
advanced inflator               gmod legs                   smart freezer tool        ulx freezeprops
advdupe2                        gta v wasted                smart painter             ulx give weapon
advduplicator                   hwm face poser              smart remover tool        ulx messages
advjoinleave                    mad moxxi                   smart weld v3.5 official  ulx playurl
buoyancy tool                   no collide everything       smartsnap                 ulx set model
chat tags                       npc tools                   stacker stool             ulx set spawn
context menu model manipulator  offset trails               standing pose tool        ulx set utime
corpse b gone                   playx v2.8.13               superfreeze               unbreakable tool
door stool                      polyweld tool               the sit anywhere script   ups
extended properties             precision tool              turret tool               utime
fading doors                    precisionalign              uclip                     weight stool
fin 2                           ragdoll colorizer           ulib                      wireextras
gb radial                       resizer                     ulx                       wiremod

FastDL code

“sending client info” -part precaches models and receives clientside lua files, nothing to do with fastdl

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Paste us the result of command “dumpstringtables_new” when you finish spawning from client.

You have 1.5MB of clientside lua files compressed, which is much, but shouldn’t take 10 minutes.

Another alternative is that some Lua code is taking very long to load, which happens after clientside lua files have been received (sending client info would still be showing).
Does the loading screen freeze during the 10 minutes?

Nope I hear my music from sv_loadingurl and i can move my mouse

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BTW after 1st ~10 mins stuck at loadingscreen, now i can join without problems.
Im worried about new players without addons
I guess they dont want wait and they go to another server :confused: