Help! Files missing

I was going through my Gmod files and and I accidentally deleted some Very important files like the whole garrysmod files! Help Please!

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What do i do i also deleted it and re-downloaded Garrys Mod

Verify your GMod.

what does that mean like tell you my account?

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i need the whole “lower case” garrysmod file

Go into your steam games library right click on garry’s mod select properties on the menu that appears, then select the local files tab and then select verify integrity of game cache. It will scan for any missing files and reinstall them for you.

Thank You So Much!!!

No problem

wait it still doesn’t work i cant shoot use the physics gun, and there is no menu whenever i scroll through my items

I’m not sure how to fix that maybe some of your addons are interfering

do u have skype?? i can share my screen

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i think i might be missing Lua files… would the local file thing fix that???

If they are vanilla game files then it will. Verifying the integrity of the game cache will only search for missing files from the original game and I don’t have skype.