Help finding a Leak.

I feel terrible having to ask for help, but I’ve been trying to fix this for over a day without making any progress. So if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it. And if anyone notices anything else I should work on please let me know.

EDIT: Welp, I deleted the info_player_terrorist that was showing me the pointfile, and renamed the map. So I feel like a loser. Thanks anyway for anyone who looked into this for me.

I have a tutorial on leaks, if you generally don’t know what they are, what causes them, and easy ways to fix them

Holy crap, I need to set my volume on my computer and on YouTube all the way up to 100% to hear you on my headphones.

Haha, really? Make sure that the sound of your browser is at 100% under your mixer. Also, could someone else do me the favor of checking it out? Just to make sure it’s not the video :slight_smile:

It’s not a problem on his part, the audio on the video is really low.

God… Well, I’ll reupload when I get back. I wonder what’s wrong it was perfectly fine in Vegas Pro before I rendered it.

Imagine the engine like a room. Around the room are gas detectors that beep when they detect the prescence of gas (entities detecting a leak). You can use those detectors to find the problem and fix it, or you can do what you just did and remove the detectors.

Ensure the map has a world brush skybox around it. The skybox must not be a func_brush, func_detail, or any other brush entity, it cannot be a displacement, and it cannot be water.