Help Finding a Plugin.

Hello there. Me and my friends are going to ply our own custom game type. And was wondering if you could suggest a plugin that can enforce the rules.
So here is a short description of how we are going to play, Please help me find a plugin that can enforce theese rules or as much of the mas possible:

I got an suggestion I think would be interresting.

Its a type of G-combat but without g-combat :stuck_out_tongue:

the rules are of course open to suggestions.

You divide all the players in 2 teams. And then each team get a small section of the map as their “base”. Then there is a flag in the middle of the map. The goal is to hold this flag for as long as possible. Holding= Having the flag under your control with one of your contraptions. It is to be on/inside or with one of your contraptions. A player may hold the flag only to algin it or to put it in their contraption if it is closeby. Picking the flag up and running around with it is NOT allowed. Each player may only spawn items and use tool weapons or physic gun inside their base and you are not allowed to be in or attack the opponents base. The flag IS NOT ALLOWED to be in a base. There is only one exeption to this rule. The physic gun may be used outside the base if it is to just move an item YOU OWN or THE FLAG. Altough you may only stand still while doing this and you may not use your gun on the flag if somebody else is already doing it.

Then to the spawn rules. You may ONLY spawn the following:

Simple construction tools such as, easy weld, weld, rope, hydralic, elastic, nailer and such. ( NOTE! tools such as Smart weld is forbidden. And you may only weld/nail props that are adjecent. So the front of your contraption shouldnt be welded to the back ( unless its only 2 pieces. This is to prevent items floating togheter trough “magic”)

Only destructuble props, such as wood and glass.

Explosive Barrels (ofc, this is supposed to be the main weapon)

Motor and similar tools may be used but it is not allowed to use it as a weapon.

Allowed weapons:

Gravity gun.

Physic gun (read additional rules above)

Tool Gun (read additional rules above)

Crowbar ( may only be used against other players NOT against props.)

How my vision of this gamemode is:

Each team build their constructions in their bases. Then they go out and try to seize the flag and whenever a contraption fails or is destroys the player builds/repairs it at the base.

The rules are to give some structure to the gamemode. META-gaming and similar behaviour is not tolerated and the gamemode is meant to be played serious but still to have fun. This description can be improved and much more can be added but this is a first sketch of how I think it should be.

Thank You for taking time helping me.


This is a gamemode, not just something you can configure in an addon. You’re going to need to get a Lua scripter to script the gamemode for you.