Help finding a specific entity within range of player

I am coding an entity that finds players within a spherical radius of it.

It works great but I need to figure out if the players leave the radius or find every player that is NOT in its radius.
I am having some complications figuring the logic on this one.

Here is the think I have for the ent.

function ENT:Think()
local entpos = self:GetPos()
		for _,targ in pairs(ents.FindInSphere(entpos, 1000)) do
			local class = targ:GetClass()
			if (class == "player") then

so how would I find all the players not in the sphere?

Thank you in advance!

Found solution to the issue.

Anyone wondering what I did I used the player to search for the entity instead of using the entity to find players.

Here is how I solved it:

for con,entfound in pairs (ents.FindInSphere(self:GetPos(), 200)) do
			if entfound:GetClass() == "habitatdestroyer" then