Help finding NPC Alliance thingy

Is there addon that allows you to change a NPC’s alliance? You know like make Combine side with the rebels instead of shot them? Also how do you make it so you can change alliances. Like say I don’t want to be a rebel Gorden Freemen, instead I want to be a Half Life 1 Grunt, or Combine. Is there a addon (or whatever) that does something like what I’m saying? If there is please give me a link or if I can already do it explain to me how to. Because changing your model doesn’t do much…

I hope you get the jest of what I am saying, If it’s not clear that’s because I am not sure how to say it in the way you want me to. (Plus it’s late at night and I’m not fully awake…) SO please respond with a answer anybody!

Here are is one that lets Npc change sides from good to evil:

And one that makes you on Rebel side, Alien side, Or COMBINE side, depending on your MODEL! So, if your a metrocop, combines won’t kill you, etc:

Thank you, I am using the change your model one and It is exactly what I was looking for. BUT I have another question… What is this Adv_duplicator thing and data file? I don’t have or at least don’t know how to acces this file and I cann’t put in certaiin things I downloaded unless I have it.

Just to mention I wanted a cargo helicopter and jet…