Help finding working Download Links

Well basically I am in need of help finding working links to download the following files:

Wire Mod
Weight Tool

Because I can’t find any working links and I want these files for multiple reasons but mainly for special vehicle building and boats… So if anyone know 's the links to a Webpage that let’s you download these addons or whatever please give me the link so I can go there and download them.

Wire & Adv Dupe:

Advanced Duplicator and Wire mod both come from the wiremod SVN. Go for that. You can find the weight tool at

Thanks a lot guys I was having a real hard time finding working links and this saved me a lot of time. Now all that’s left is to see if I installed them correctly… I am new to Garry’s Mod although not to the source engine games. If you have any tips suggestions, good files to check out or any of that stuff tell me!

P.S. If you know of a working Day of Defeat NPC weapon set tell me that’s one of the thing’s I am looking for. Also Team Fortress 2 Player Models and or NPC’s.

Thank’s Again!